Kerstin Roeser-Mueller


Department for Zoology

University of Regensburg

93040 Regensburg


Phone: +49-941-943-3057

Fax: +49-941-943-3325

Email: Kerstin.Roeser-Mueller[at]



Current research

In my PhD project I have two major targets: On the one hand I want to reconstruct the molecular phylogeny of the genus Philanthus to plot it on the phylogenetic tree of the bacterial symbionts. Thus I hope to be able to draw conclusions on the coevolution, cospeciation and the evolutionary history of this symbiosis between Philantus digger wasps and their antennal symbionts. On the other hand I want to set up a chemotaxonomic tree basing on the male pheromone and the cuticular hydrocarbons of the beewolf-genus.


Project links:

- Evolution of the male sex pheromone in European beewolves

- Symbiotic bacteria in the antennal glands of female beewolves

- Phylogeny of the genus Philanthus

Curriculum vitae


Born May 20, 1981 in Munich


Undergraduate studies in biology at the University of Wuerzburg

2002 - 2006

Graduate studies in biology at the University of Wuerzburg with focus on Animal Ecology, Behavioral Physiology & Sociobiology and Human Genetics

2005 - 2006 MSc (Diplom) student in biology at the University of Wuerzburg, Diploma thesis: "The heritability of the pheromone composition in male european beewolves (Philanthus triangulum, Hymenoptera, Crabronidae)"

2007 to date

PhD student in Erhard Strohm's lab at the University of Regensburg


Roeser-Mueller K, Strohm E, Kaltenpoth M (2010). Larval rearing temperature influences amount and composition of the marking pheromone of the male beewolf (Philanthus triangulum). Journal of Insect Science 10:74, available online:

Kaltenpoth M, Goettler W, Dale C, Stubblefield JW, Herzner G, Roeser-Mueller K, Strohm E (2006).'Candidatus Streptomyces philanthi', a new species of endosymbiotic Streptomyces in the antennae of Philanthus digger wasps. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 56 (6): 1403-1422.