Animal Behaviour and Behavioural Physiology

Prof. Dr. Bernd Kramer
Institut für Zoologie
Universitaet Regensburg
Universitaetsstr. 31
D-93040 Regensburg


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Bernd Kramer

English-Language Seminar SS 2020 (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Research Topics

Electroreception in Fishes


African snoutfish (Mormyriformes) and South American knifefish (Gymnotiformes) communicate and locate objects and obstacles with their electric system, consisting of a system for sending signals (electric organ discharges) and receiving them (electroreceptor organs). The electric organ discharges are species-specific, under sexual selection and play a role in mate quality assessment. Electric organ discharges are a useful tool in taxonomic-systematic research in these speciose fish groups.

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