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Who Can Apply?

In order to apply and qualify for ECN you need to fulfil the following three requirements:

(1) A Bachelor degree or equivalent in biology or a closely related discipline of the natural sciences (e.g. biochemistry, biophysics, biomedicine etc.). Note that degrees in human medicine (M.D., dentistry) and pharmacology are not eligible.

Also eligible to apply: students in the last year of their bachelor or equivalent courses, provided that the degree will be conferred prior to the enrolment within the ECN MSc programme and that they already have obtained a minimum of 140 credit points.

(2) An average grade of at least “good” (or equivalent grades in a different grading scheme)

(3) Proof of proficiency in English (since all ECN courses are held in English)

The application deadline for Fall 2019 is April 30th, 2019.