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Programme Features

The International Master's Programme takes place over 4 semesters. Following successful completion of coursework offered over the first 2.5 semesters, the candidate can initiate a 9-month work project to acquire the Master of Science (in Neuroscience) degree. Facilitated entrance into a PhD-programme (MD-PhD for medical students) will be made possible for candidates with an outstanding academic record in the Master’s degree studies.

Features of the teaching programme include:

» Interdisciplinary studies with courses in molecular and developmental neurobiology, behavioural neuroendocrinology, neurology, psychiatry and psychology. The following key research areas are of central importance:

  • neurogenetics, neuronal signalling cascades, neuronal plasticity underlying neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders
  • behavioural neuroendocrinology, quantification of emotional, social and cognitive behaviours in animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders, correlation with molecular, cellular and neuroendocrine parameters, surgical approaches
  • neuro-imaging/ functional magnetic resonance tomography

» Participation of national and international specialists and educators.

» All course work and examinations in English.

Teaching concepts:
Graduate studies in Experimental and Clinical Neurosciences will take place in a complementary and interdisciplinary environment. Special, interactive lectures will be accompanied by seminars, journal clubs and tutorials, in which the graduate students actively participate.Individuals will be trained in the preparation of slide presentations (Powerpoint), posters and research proposals.

Experimental training:
In addition to acquiring experimental skills according to the research profile of the participating research teams, qualifications with respect to experimental design and experimental procedures, statistical data analysis, and “laboratory management” (e.g. hosting visiting guests, organising weekend seminars) will be developed.