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During the ECN programme each student will do 3 internships in basic science or clinical labs lasting 6 to 8 weeks.

Examples of project practicums (2006-2015):

  • Characterization of C/EBPβ depleted Brain Tumor Initiating cells
  • The role of Smad7 in regulation of the adult neural stem/progenitor cell pool
  • Localizing memory associated areas in patients with medial temporal lesions and healthy subjects
  • Regulation of T cell differentiation to encephalitogenic phenotypes by Smad7
  • The Influence of Mood on the recognition of Emotions
  • Effects of Colour Perception on Auditory and Somato sensory perception
  • MR-spectroscopic testing of cerebral metabolic changes after sleep deprivation
  • Neurocorrelates of auditory aftereffect – zwicker tone
  • Topography of white matter tracts between the human auditory and visual cortex
  • Pain Matrix Activity in Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Functional mapping of auditory cortex with fMRI
  • Expression analysis of doublecortin family members in adult neural stem cells
  • Characterization of TSPO ligands as pharmacological targets for affective disorders
  • Detailed morphological analysis of dopaminergic juxtaglomerular cells in the olfactory bulb
  • Neuropsychological screening and biomarkers in neurodegenerative disorder
  • microRNAs in a mouse model of neuropathic pain
  • Monitoring neurogenesis during autoimmune CNS inflammation by bioluminescence imaging
  • Impact of alpha-synuclein on the AKT/TOR pathway in a Drosophila model of Parkinson’s disease
  • A behavioural study on second order Theory of Mind reasoning
  • Basic analysis of cg32000 the Drosophila ortholog of the new Parkinson-related gene ATP13A2
  • Effects of chronic stress on late pregnancy and lactation in rats
  • Indirect assessment of sexual preference in homosexuals
  • Influence of intracellular calcium levels on circadian rhythms in mammals
  • Eph/ephrinA3 signaling in neuron-glia interactions depending on treatment with antidepressants
  • Effects of neuropeptide S (NPS) injected in the medial amygdala on affective behaviours
  • Effects of chronic psycho-social stress on light sensitivity and retinal atrophy
  • Effects of oxytocin on anxiety- and stress-related parameters
  • Electrophysiological characterization of cerebellar NG2 glia in TgH (NG2-EYFP) mice