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Schloss Neufahrn

International Master's Programme „Experimental and Clinical Neurosciences“
Schloss Neufahrn February 27./28.

The last February weekend ECN- students of the years 2007 and 2008 met for a presentation training weekend. The meeting was held at the picturesque medival Castle of Neufahrn under the supervision of Prof. Dr. med. Göran Hajak and Dr. Karin Döhnel


Besides the practise of scientific presentations, this weekend's purpose was to give the ECN class of 2008 a chance to get to know and catch up with the current research of their predecessors. Each student of year 2009 was to present results of his or her latest research, while students of the new year gave a supplementary talk. To simulate scientific congress conditions, the two trainers and moderators, applied a strict „traffic light system“ to keep their junior lecturers on time. Benefiting enormously by the strict scedule, the group had time for lively group evaluations, and discussions on talk quality and the studies presented.
Generously exempted from the afore mentioned limitations of the red traffic light, was guest speaker Dr. Nathan Weisz. His talk on the „young brother“ of EEG, the Magnetoencephalography (MEG), gave the junior (and senior) researchers an introduction into a complex technique in neuroscientific research.
Being challenged during the seminar, all participants had a chance to relax during a medieval dinner event with bards, where table manners were strictly unenforced.



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