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Seed Ecology VI

July 29 - August 2   2019
Regensburg, Germany

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The Meeting Venue



The city of Regensburg has a 2000 years old history. It was founded by the Romans and became the first capital of Bavaria.

In the Medieval Age, it was one of the richest cities of Germany and many typical buildings of this epoch still can be seen (and even visited) in the city center. That is why the city centre recieved in 2006 the UNESCO cultural world heritage status.
For 140 years, from 1663 to 1803 when the Perpetual Diet met in Regensburg, it was the capital of the former German Empire.

Today, it is one of the most vibrant cities in southern Germany with its very rich cultural, social and night life. As for latter, the city shares together with Berlin the highest density of pubs and restaurant in Germany.
Nowdays, its booming industry made Regensburg one of the most prosperous cities in Bavaria and Germany attracting professionals from all over the world. Due to its rich history and very close location to main touristic destinations in Europe (e.g. Prague and Wien) and Germany, such as Munich and Nurenberg, the city attracted more than a million tourists in 2016!



University of Regensburg

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The Campus location of the University of Regensburg. Red rectangle = conference/lecture hall location in the Vielberth building. Green circle – Botanical Garden.



The meeting will be hosted on the campus of the University of Regensburg in the so-called ‘Vielberth’ building (see red rectangle on the general map), a modern compact lecture hall ideally suited for medium-size symposia. The campus offers all the conditions for hosting our scientific meeting.

South of the Vielberth building around the central yard there is a restaurant and the mensa where lunch can be taken but also a cashpoint (ATM; see general map).

The Institute of Plant Sciences and the Botanical Garden are also situated on the campus close to the lecture hall.

The welcome and icebreaker which is on Sunday evening will take place in the first floor of our central library (see blue rectangle on the general map) in front of the “Seed exhibition” which is open during the whole conference.

The place for the conference dinner which will be Thursday evening, will be still announced.

Beside the lecture hall for the oral presentations in the Vielberth building there are two lobbies in the building where the poster will be displayed.

From Monday on the registration desk will be in a seminar room next to the lecture hall. There are other seminar rooms available if there is a need.

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general plan

campus plan

vielberth building