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Seed Ecology VI

July 29 - August 2   2019
Regensburg, Germany

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Conference Program

Pre-conference workshop for Master and PhD students/young researchers

Methodological aspects of functional seed ecology

26-28.07.2018   Sergey Rosbakh, Peter Poschlod, University of Regensburg,

The aim of this three-day workshop is to provide an introduction into the state art of functional seed ecology, with a main focus on implementation of this knowledge in field and experimental studies. After a brief history, and an overview of the functional trait concept, we will focus on the approaches and methods for standardised measurements of different functional seed traits. The participants will have a chance to apply the obtained knowledge by measuring some traits in the population biology lab of the host chair. We end with a discussion of problems the participants faced while measuring seed traits, so bring your questions along! 

The second part of the workshop will be devoted to how to correctly analyse and interpret data in seed ecology studies with the help of modern statistical methods. After the basics (data transformation, group comparison and linear models), we move on to the more advanced methods, such as generalized linear mixed-effects models, phylogenetic generalized least squares and phylogenetic principal component analysis. All of this will be demonstrated on real data with base R (bring a laptop with R).
The number of participants is limited to 20. The workshop is not included into the conference registration fee but it requires the successful registration to the Seed Ecology VI conference (only those applicants are accepted which have also payed the conference fee, others are not allowed to participate). The workshop incurs an additional fee of 20 Euros (course materials, coffee breaks).

If you intend to participate in the workshop, please send a short e-mail to Sergey Rosbakh (sergey.rosbakh(at)ur.de) till 1st of April 2019 with following information:

  • name, country and home institution
  • your research focus (preferably any aspect of seed ecology (e.g. seed bank, seed dispersal, seed germination)
  • short description of your statistical skills (e.g. methods you are familiar with, previous experience with R software)


Conference program

The Conference will comprise four keynote talks, oral presentations and poster sessions during four days.

Six areas on seed ecological issues will be covered:

1) seed dispersal in time and space
2) seed germination and dormancy patterns
3) seed ecology and population genetics
4) molecular and physiological aspects of seed ecology
5) environment and seed quality
6) applied seed ecology in conservation and restoration

The conference contains a mid-conference excursion.
We also offer a 4-days post-conference field trip starting on Saturday, August 3 (see excursions).
The registration opening and the icebreaker on Sunday, July 28 will be accompanied by an exhibition on various aspects of seeds.
The conference dinner will be on Thursday, August 1.

You will find the final program during June 2019 here.

Provisional conference program

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You can download the program pdf here :   preliminary program


Local organization comittee

MSc Andre Arruda, MSc Lina Begemann, MSc Fridtjof Gilck, Prof. Dr. Florian Hartig, MSc Patricia Krickl, Dipl. hort. Judith Lang, Dr. Daniela Listl, Prof. Dr. Peter Poschlod (chair), Prof. Dr. Christoph Reisch, Dr. Sergey Rosbakh (co-chair), Dr. Josef Simmel