An invitation to attend the 6th International PhD School on


With the growing complexity of biological research projects in the last decades it has become increasingly important for scientist to communicate and collaborate across geographical and subject boundaries. Thus, young scientist not only need to be trained early in their career to present data at international meetings and discuss it with peers and leaders in the field, but also to organize and chair sessions, as well as to network and identify potential collaboration partners. The PhD School on Plant Development has been set up five years ago to train young scientists in these skills and give them a platform for communication and collaboration. Plant developmental biology is an exciting and fast moving field, which has seen many breakthroughs over the last decades, but apart from this PhD School does not have a signature meeting aimed at international graduate students and young postdocs. Thus, the PhD School on Plant Development plays an important role within the community of plant scientists and in addition has served to increase the visibility and attractiveness of Germany for young researchers.

As the organization team we are happy and proud to lead this exciting meeting into its sixth year and to invite to the 6th International PhD School on PLANT DEVELOPMENT that will cover many aspects of plant development raging from stem cell control to variations of the developmental program in response to the environment. The meeting will take place September 25-27, 2013, at Retzbach (Benediktushöhe), close to Würzburg in Germany. The meeting is open to anyone who is interested, but mainly invites PhD students and young researchers in the first two years after their PhD. Attendance is restricted to 100 participants. The Organizers reserve the right to select participants based on the submitted abstracts if the meeting is over-subscribed.
The International PhD School consists of ten successive sessions that are each introduced by an internationally renowned keynote speaker. The topics of the sessions include all fields of plant development such as stem cells and meristem function, vegetative development, hormone signaling, flowering, gametophyte and germ line formation, seed and fruit development, cell-cycle regulation as well as aspects such as genomic imprinting, evolution, systems biology and mathematical modelling. It is expected that three PhD students/young scientists represent their research data in each of the sessions that shall be chaired by other PhD students/young scientists. It will be at their responsibility to initiate fruitful discussions and guide constructive conversations. Two poster sessions will provide extra time and informal opportunities for discussions.

We have tried to keep the costs for the meeting at a minimum and looked for extra funding. The whole meeting will cost about €185 per person, including boarding and lodging as well as a wine tasting and dinner at the historical Residenzweinkeller in Würzburg.

Registration for the 6th PhD School on Plant Development will open in March 2013 and remains open till August 15, 2013.

After registration you'll receive a confirmation and a bank account number to pay the attendance fee.

The orgamizers are determined that this PhD school will be both scientifically rewarding and socially enjoyable, and sow a seed for further meetings and collaborations. We look forward to seeing you in Retzbach in September 2013.

Jan Lohmann & Markus Schmid    

Sponsors of the PhD School

Fotos: phyllotaxis model by Richard Smith, University of Bern; pollen grains by Jürgen Berger / Heiko Schoof, Electron Microscopy Unit, Max Planck Institute; caper flower by H. Carolus, University of Karlsruhe; physalis by Daniel Mosquin