R.Huber, T.A.Langworthy, H.König, M.Thomm, C.R.Woese, U.B.Sleytr, K.O.Stetter (1986)
Arch.Microbiol. 144:324-333
Thermotoga maritima sp.nov. represents a new genus of uniquely extremely thermophilic eubacteria growing up to 90°C

R.Rachel, A.M.Engel, R.Huber, K.O.Stetter, W.Baumeister (1990)
FEBS Letters 262:64-68
A porin-type protein is the main constituent of the cell envelope of the ancestral eubacterium Thermotoga maritima



copyright for all images: K.O.Stetter & R.Rachel, Univ.Regensburg