Transcription of Archaea
  Structure-function relationship in the transcription machinery of Pyrococcus furiosus 
Analyses of mutated archaeal RNA polymerase subunits in a yeast background with the aim to understand the evolution from a single generalistic enzyme to three specialized RNA polymerases in eukaryotic cells
Studying genome wide Protein-DNA interactions through Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) in Pyrococcus furiosus
Interactions of archaeal and eukaryotic subunits
Regulation of heat shock response in Archaea
Structure-function relation in the transcription machinery of P. furiosus
TrmB and TrmBL1, two transcriptional regulators in the heart of the cross regulatory
New insights into the process of initiation and elongation in a polII-like transcription system
Microbial communities of high temperature environments
  Isolation, cultivation, and characterization of novel hyperthermophilic Archaea from high temperature ecosystems
Investigations on the novel archaeal phylum “Nanoarchaeota
Cell-Cell- Interaction within Archaea: Nanoarchaeum + Ignicoccus
Darclife - Cultivation of model Archaea and enrichment of novel benthic Archaea
Electronmicroscopy and Ultrastructural Analyses
Cell Surface Appendages of Archaea
Uncultivated Archaea / Planetary Protection