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For the mass cultivation of high temperature microorganisms we use 11 different bioreactors, (fermenters), in various sizes, ranging from 7 to 300 litres in working capacity.
In these fermenters we are able to simulate the environmental conditions of the original habitats, like volcanic areas either on land or the sea.

The fermentors are enamel protected double-walled steel vessels. The maximum pressure tolerated inside the reactors is up to seven bars.

Abbildung Fermenter Nr. 2

Abbildung Fermenter Nr. 3

From a central gas supply the fermenters can be pressurized with any desired pure gas or mixture of gases in various concentrations according to the requirements of the cultivated organisms.

The energy supply is guaranteed by means of a steam power station with an energy output of 81 kW and a steam volume of 115 kg / h.   





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Articel BioTec-Journal 7-8/2004