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Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Schmitt

Sinorhizobium meliloti
Volvox carteri

Genetics of Germ-Soma Differentiation in Volvox

Isolated Gonidia and Somatic Cells of Volvox carteri

Volvox carteri  is a spherical green alga with a complete division of labor  between ~2000 somatic cells and 16 asexual reproductive cells (gonidia). It provides an attractive system for studying  how a molecular-genetic program for cell-autonomous differentiation is encoded within the genome. Three genes have been identified a key players in the in germ-soma differentiation: a set of gls genes that act in the embryo to shift cell-division planes, resulting in asymmetric divisions that set apart the large-small sister cell pairs; a set of lag genes that act in the large gonidial initials to prevent somatic differentiation; and the regA gene, which acts in the small somatic initials to prevent reproductive development. Somatic-cell-specific transcription of regA is controlled by intronic enhancer and silencer elements and  the translation of regA  is modulated by ribosome shunting.



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