Kosmos-Kanarenflora Kosmos Atlas Mittelmeer- und Kanarenflora

The 3rd edition of the Kosmos-Kanarenflora (in German) contents detailed description with 856 colour photographs of Canary Island plants, further 66 colour photos of commonly cultivated ornamental plants.
In our large-size Kosmos Atlas Mittelmeer- und Kanarenflora with more than 1200 colour prints 250 additional photos of Canary plants are given, together with many pictures of Mediterranean taxa which also exist on the Canary Islands.



The following web pages show some examples of the photographs of the Canary Islands flora. The other pictures are taken from our extensive photo archive, most of which are 6x6 colour slides, but also digital photos (tif 11 or 23 MB). This site is planned to be expanded in order to represent a complete internet flora of the Canary Islands.

The names of the taxa are mostly consistent with those applied in the Kosmos-Kanarenflora, but some adaptations are made following the LISTA DE ESPECIES SILVESTRES DE CANARIAS 2009.

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