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Lab members 

Prof. Dr. Günter Hauska

Email: Guenther.Hauska@biologie.uni-regensburg.de
Telefon: +49 (0)941 943 3031 
Raum: BIO 4.1.07 

Curricular notes in English

Monika Kammerer
Technical Asssistant 
Research topic: Genetical analysis of cyanobacteria, cultivation of anaerobic bacteria 
Email: Monika.Kammerer@biologie.uni-regensburg.de
Phone: 3033 Room: BIO 4.1.08, 4.1.09 

Rhodobacter capsulatus
Scientific object
Carreer: Deutsche Sammlung für Mikroorganismen (Göttingen, Germany), University of Regensburg
Research: Investigations on Sulfide-quinone reductase (SQR), studies on the catalytical mechanism and on the structure of SQR, induction of SQR expression
Room: BIO 4.1.07

Thomas Schödl
PhD student ((just a) Chemist)
Research group: Prof. Hauska, in collaboration with Prof. Wolfbeis (Institute of Analytical Chemistry, Chemo- and Biosensors)
Research topic: Sulfide-quinone reductase (SQR), development of a fluorescent sulfide-biosensor, Internettool "graphical codon usage analyzer" and gene synthesis of E.coli optimized gene. 
Email: thomas@schoedl.de
Phone: 3032, 3320 Room: BIO 4.1.07, 5.1.50 

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