More or less useful links

Databases (PDB, X-PLOR, NMR, etc.)

  • Acta Crystallographica very short Synopsis of recently solved biological structures, partially with direct links to pdb-files.
  • Biochemical Journal complete online contents ofr Bioch.J. ab 6/96 (abstracts,full paper); mighty search machine.
  • Biochemistry unfortunately only accessabble with Password
  • Biophysical Journal Abstracts, partially full articles, very good search machine with direkt search to many other journals (EMBO J., J.Cell.Biol. etc. )
  • Cell Abstracts with Password only.
  • Journal of Biological Chemistry Abstracts, partially full articles, very good search machine
  • Nature Access to nature struct. biol. Archive; abstracts; via password to full-text; interesting, daily summary of newest research under 'nature science update' (abstracts)
  • Science search machine ('search'), titles only; science daily news, science jobs
  • Physical Review A, B, C etc.; American Physical Society, pure physics!
  • Spektrum der Wissenschaft alles aus dem Spektrum im Netz




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30th Trinational Discussion Meeting
Magnetic Resonance in Biology and Chemistry

GDCH Magnetic Resonance Division
Place: Universität Regensburg, Germany
Date: September 22-25, 2008

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