7. Symposium des Biochemie-Zentrum Regensburg


2. Summer Academy of the Regensburg Graduate School of Life Sciences

Kloster Kostenz

26.&27. September 2011










Intro, welcome

Philipp Merkl


Session 1

Chair: Herbert Tschochner


Schmidl Christian

Group of Rehli

“Molecular characterization of T-cell subpopulations”

Krinner Simone

Group of Wagner

“The influence of intragenic CpG dinucleotides on gene expression”

Wegner Julia

Group of Rehli

“Genetic determinants of interindividual differences in DNA methylation”


Session 2

Chair: Michael Rehli


Kreuter Lydia

Group of Huber

“Purification and characterization of the ATP synthase of Ignicoccus hospitalis”

Sarbu Christina 

Group of Wirth

“The fimbriae of Methanothermobacter thermoautotrophicus”

Evening lecture Chair: Sarah Diermeier

Anne Rascle










Session 3

Chair: Reinhard Wirth


Meierhofer Tanja 

Group of Spörner

“Investigation of the GNB-protein Arf1, its exchange factor and effector by 31P-NMR”

Köhler Jörg 

Group of Kalbitzer

“In vivo high pressure 1H NMR studies on oocytes of Xenopus laevis”


Session 4

Chair: Wolfgang Seufert


Absmanner Birgit

Group of Hammes

“De novo development of phloem elements in pathogen induced tissues”

Meier Monika

Group of Sterner

“Molecular engineering of a phosphotriesterase-like lactonase for organophosphate hydrolysis”

Schneider Daniel

Group of Sterner

“The TrpD2 protein family, a novel class of DNA repair enzymes”


Session 5

Chair: Klaus Grasser


Hierlmeier Thomas

Group of Tschochner

“Analysis of the Noc1p/Noc2p/Rrp5p complex and its role in ribosome biogenesis”

Filarsky Michael 

Group of Längst

“The function of AT-hooks in the chromatin remodeling complex NORC”


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Thanks to all to make it such a marvelous meeting!

Hope to see you next year!

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