5. Symposium des Biochemie-Zentrum Regensburg

Kloster Kostenz 2009








28. September 2009




Session I:


Chair: Herbert Tschochner



Ingrid Waege Ingrid Waege

“Genetic tools for Pyrococcus furiosus

Simone Schopf Simone Schopf

„Functional and structural analyses of flagella from Pyrococcus furiosus

Ulf Küper Ulf  Küper

“Purification, characterisation and localisation of the ATP Synthase of Ignicoccus hospitalis. “

Tom Schubert Tom Schubert “The role of RNA in the accessibility and stability of chromatin”



  Session II:


Chair: Michael Thomm


Hermann Zellner Hermann Zellner

“Deducing knowledge based potentials to characterize protein-protein interfaces”

Daniel Schneider Daniel Schneider

“YbiB from Escherichia coli, a nucleic acid binding protein of unknown function”

Harald Guldan

Harald Guldan „Archaea-type ether lipids in Bacillus subtilis?“
Sandra Kreitner Sandra Kreitner “LUDI – Virtual Screening in the Active Site of the Ras Protein”
Angelika Perzelmaier

Angelika Perzelmaier

„A novel initiation factor of protein synthesis“


Pre-Evening Lecture


Klaus Grasser

Klaus Grasser

“Plant chromatin: HMGs and FACT”






Evening Lecture



Gunter Meister

Gunter Meister

"Small RNA-guided gene silencing"





29. September 2009






Session III



Chair: Wolfgang Seufert


Hannah Goetze Hannah Goetze

“The function of the upstream activating factor UAF in chromatin structure organisation at the rDNA locus in S. cerevisiae

Andreas Neueder

Andreas Neueder

“Analysis of the molecular function of ribosomal proteins in the maturation of eukaryotic rRNA precursors”

Alarich Reiter Alarich Reiter

“In vivo analysis of RNA polymerase I phosphomutants and elongation”



Session IV


Chair: Reinhard Sterner
Lucija Soljic Lucija Soljic

"Arabidopsis female gametophyte: transcription profile of single cells"

Johannes Schönberger Johannes Schönberger

“Polar localization of RNA in the Arabidopsis egg cell”

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