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Prof. Dr. Dr. K.-H. Wrobel

Recent publications:

WROBEL, K.-H.: The postnatal development of the bovine Leydig cell population. Reprod. Dom. Anim. 25, 51 - 60 (1990)

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KUJAT, R., Ch. ROSE and K.-H. WROBEL: The innervation of the bovine ductus deferens: comparison of a modified acetylcholinesterase-reaction with immunoreactivities of cholinacetyltransferase and panneuronal markers. Histochemistry 99: 231-239 (1993).

WROBEL, K.-H., R. KUJAT and R. LUTZ: Expression of the proliferation-associated Ki-67 antigen in bovine testicular tubular cells during the seminiferous epithelial cycle, demonstrated with the MIB-1 antibody. Andrologia 25: 301-305 (1993).

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WROBEL, K.-H., H. SINGH PAWAR, M. SCHIMMEL, J. REICHOLD, H. GRÐNER and M. KESSLER: A quantitative analysis of germ-cell loss in ruminant seminiferous epithelium during meiosis. Reprod. Dom. Anim. 29: 451-457 (1994).

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KUJAT, R., F. MIRAGALL, D. KRAUSE, R. DERMIETZEL and K.-H. WROBEL: Immunolocalization of the neural cell adhesion molecule L1 in non-proliferating epithelial cells of the male urogenital tract. Histochemistry 103: 311-321 (1995).

ZAYED, A.E., A. HIFNY, A. ABOU-ELMAGD and K.-H. WROBEL: Seasonal changes in the intertubular tissue of the camel testis (Camelus dromedarius). Ann. Anat. 177: 199-212 (1995).
WROBEL, K.-H., D. BICKEL, R. KUJAT and M. SCHIMMEL: Evolution and ultrastructure of the bovine spermatogonia precursor cell line. Cell Tissue Res. 281: 249-259 (1995).

WROBEL, K.-H., D. BICKEL, R. KUJAT: Distribution pattern of F-actin, vimentin and alpha-tubulin in the bovine testis during postnatal development. Acta Anat. 153: 263-272 (1995).

WROBEL, K.-H., D. BICKEL, R. KUJAT: Immunohistochemical study of seminiferous epithelium in adult bovine testis using monoclonal antibodies against Ki-67 protein and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA). Cell Tissue Res. 283: 191-201 (1996).

STEGER, K.-H. WROBEL: Postnatal developmentof ovine seminiferous tubules: an electron microskopical and morphometric study. Ann. Anat. 178: 201-213 (1996).

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NIPKEN, C., K.-H. WROBEL: Aquantitative morphological study of age-realated changes in the donkey testis in the period between puberty and senium. Andrologia 29: 149-161 (1997).

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WROBEL, K.-H., F. SÜSS: Identification and temporospatial distribution of bovine primordial germ cells prior to gonodal sexual differentiation. Anat. Embryol. 197 451-467 (1998).

WROBEL, K.-H., F. SÜSS: On the origion and prenatal development of the bovine adrenal gland. Anat. Embryol. 199: 301-318 (1999).

WROBEL, K.-H., M. N. K. MOUSTAFA: On the innervation of the donkey testis. Ann. Anat. 182: 13-22 (2000).



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